Spirits Industry In-Store Digital & Static Advertising


End-cap and in store digital advertising is the future! Liquor Live™ is the industry leader and our easy to use software will allow you to control local and national advertising from your phone or computer. Upload pre-made supplier advertising from YouTube™ with our YouTube™ uploader or our easy to use template creator allows you to build custom pricing and theme signs in seconds. Some features that are on the horizon include real time shopper analytics. This new technology will allow you to know the sex of a shopper and whether they slowed down or interacted with the product on the display. Stay ahead of your competition with our industry leading marketing for the spirits industry. To learn more about Liquor Live™ in-store digital advertising contact a Liquor Live™ solutions architect now.

  • Choose a State to advertise in.
  • Search for a particular store.
  • Select the advertising location from a store planogram. 
  • Buy advertising monthly up to 36 months in advance.
  • Create an advertising sign with our easy to use template creator or upload custom files.
  • Our YouTube™ loader allows you to ad pre-made supplier commercials and ads in seconds.
  • Detailed billing statements showing ad locations and frequency for end of month expense reports.